2019 Melissa Wells Corporate Citizenship Award

About the Award

Melissa Wells Corporate Citizenship Award showcases businesses for demonstrating ethical leadership and corporate stewardship and for making a positive difference in society. The award takes in account company involvement in educational programs, corporate philanthropy, including service and product donations to the local community or volunteers.

Selection Criteria

  • Community involvement. The extent to which stakeholders in the community are involved in the design and execution of initiative.
  • Impact. The extent to which initiative has met its declared objectives
  • Sustainability. Whether the initiative has a long-term applicability
  • Best Practice. Whether the project serves as a model of practise for other companies implementing social responsibility practise
  • Innovation. The extent to which the initiative innovative in design and application
  • Environmental impact. Has the project reduced the environmental impact of the business


AmCham’s Board of Directors will evaluate all nominations carefully and will select the winner. To read more about the Board of Directors, please CLICK HERE


Transatlantic Business Award 2018(terms & conditions)

2017 Melissa Wells Corporate Citizenship Award Winner -  Coca Cola HBC

2017 Melissa Wells Corporate Citizenship Award Winner -  Let’s Do It ! Foundation