2019 Transatlantic “Promoter” of the Year

About the Award

The Transatlantic Promoter of the Year award will recognize an individual residing in Estonia or in the United States, who has made significant contributions to promoting entrepreneurship or transatlantic collaboration. The award will honor the individual’s accomplishments in fostering increased entrepreneurial activity, including among diverse groups, and in promoting connections with the U.S. – based entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Award Criteria

The Promoter of the Year will be awarded to an Estonian or U.S. resident, who has demonstrated significant achievement in strengthening entrepreneurship and U.S. – Estonian collaborations.  Achievements will be assessed in one or more of the following areas: creativity, innovation, impact, leadership.


AmCham Estonia Board, BAFF, U.S. Embassy Tallinn and AmCham member companies, and partners will be encouraged to nominate an individual for this award.

If you would like to nominate a candidate for this Awards, please contact AmCham Estonia at amcham @ amcham.ee with a subject line Promoter of the Year.

The Jury:

AmCham’s Board of Directors will evaluate all nominations carefully and will select the winner. To read more about the Board of Directors, please CLICK HERE


Transatlantic Business Award 2018(terms & conditions)

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