Washington, DC and Seattle, WA
May 13-17, 2019

 This year’s annual conference was attended by 36 participants (31 directors) from AmChams all over Europe. The annual conference usually takes place every year in April or May and includes meetings in 2 cities: Washington, DC and one other city (different every year). 

 This year Seattle, WA was chosen as a second city for the program. AmCham Estonia CEO Daria Sivovol attended the conference and represented AmCham Estonia in both cities.

DC 2019 Collage

  Meetings in Washington included:

  • US Chamber of Commerce Briefings (Marjorie Chorlins, Garrett Workman, John Murphy, Scevole de Cazotte, Alex Botting, Vince Voci, Christopher Guith, Caroline Harris)
  • U.S. Chamber Power Talk with David Talbot, Eli Lilly and Lisa Schroeter, Dow
  • Visit to the Pentagon and meeting with Laura Cooper, DAS of Defense for Russia, Eastern Europe and the Balkans and Andrew Winternitz, Acting DAS for Western Europe and NATO
  • Meeting at the Department of Commerce with David de Falco, Acting DAS for Europe, Kelly Rzensian, Peter Davidson, Mike Platt
  • Session with the Atlantic Council on the current geopolitical and economic situation and US positions with Bart Oosterveld,  Marie Kasperek, Hung Tran, Atro Kimball from Google
  • Meeting at the State Department with Matthew Boyse, DAS and Julie Fisher, DAS
  • Meeting with the Vice Mayor of Washington, DC

Seattle Collage

  Meetings in Seattle included:

  • Visit to the Boeing HQ and Production Site. Meeting with Richard White, Government Relations Manager
  • Dinner with Matthias Sachs, Director for Global Affairs (CELA), Microsoft and Oleg Shvaikovsky, Senior Parter at Nortal
  • Visit to Accenture and session on the Future of Innovation with Miha Kralj and Christian J. Kelly, Managing Director for Communications, Media and Technology
  • Visit and Session on the Seattle Corporate Scene and CSR with BCG 
  • Visit to Amazon HQ and meeting with David Roth, Senior Manager for Global Trade Policy
  • Visit to the University of Washington and meeting with Guntis Smidchens, Kazickas Family Endowed Professor in Baltic Studies
  • Visit to Microsoft HQ in Redmond and meeting with Michael Philip, Assistant General Counsel working in legal AI & Research team


 This annual conference is not only an excellent networking and education platform for AmCham directors but it provides AmCham managers with the invaluable insights into the US current policies, economic developments and business perspectives.