July 10, 2018

Thank You For Supporting Armand´s Dream Day!

We are sincerely grateful to all our members who contribute to our charity projects in order to support those who need it the most! And of course we are extremely thankful to organizations that make the change happen! So hereby we would like to share another successful project of My Dream Day Foundation  – Armand’s…

May 05, 2018

AmCham Estonia Sends an Official Letter to the Stakeholders

AmCham Board, T&E Committee and ITL respond to the proposed A2 language level requirement. Click to read the letter IN ENGLISH or IN ESTONIAN

April 23, 2018

Directors of AmChams in Europe gather in DC and Chicago for Annual USA Conference

Washington, DC and Chicago, ILApril 15- 21, 2018  This year’s annual conference was attended by 32 participants from AmChams all over Europe. The conference takes place every year in April or May and includes meetings in 2 cities: Washington, DC and one other city (different every years). This year it was Chicago. AmCham Estonia CEO…

April 03, 2018

US-Baltic Summit

TheUS -Baltic Summit that took place on April 3 , 2018 reinforced strong ties between the US and the three Baltic nations – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Four presidents discussed how best to strengthen our security, business, trade, energy, and cultural partnerships. Photos: and Eva  Vucci (AP).  

April 03, 2018

AmCham Members Meet with Jim Fraenkel, the Head of Origina Video Series of Spotify

On April 3, all interested AmCham members had a unique opportunity to meet the amazing Jim Fraenkel from Spotify! We had an exciting time learning more about platform specific content, behind-the-scenes of different media channels and many many more things!