Healthcare Committee

The Aim of the Healthcare Committee of AmCham Estonia would be to provide Estonian policy makers, institutions and other relevant stakeholders with the perspective of US companies that operate in Estonia. Health is an important driver for wealth and economic growth. The Committee therefore would support the EU health agenda towards affordable, sustainable and innovative health systems. Composed of the various healthcare industries (pharmaceuticals, eHealth, medical devices, consumer, and transport industries), it would to be a reliable policy partner to the Estonian institutions and to help ensure that new healthcare-related legislations and policies add value to, and benefit, the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Committee Members:

  1. Elo Tamm – COBALT Law Office
  2. Konstantin Rebrov – MSD
  3. Chris Ellermaa – Eli Lilly
  4. Dan Millard – Glaxo Smith Kline
  5. Laura Veski – Glaxo Smith Kline
  6. Vladimir Smirnov – Bruker Baltic
  7. Kea Kapsta – Pfizer Eesti
  8. Inga Kõrgemaa – Semetron 
  9. Daria Sivovol – AmCham Estonia

Some of our past activities and events:

 AmCham Launches a Healthcare Committee

AmCham Healthcare Committee Meets for its 3rd Meeting