Intellectual Property Rights Committee

To respond to members’ needs, AmCham has established a Committee for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The main goal of this Committee is to lobby for IPR protection and provide leadership that will bring together interested partners. Share information with decision makers and law enforcement is also a priority; the police, judiciary, prosecutors, customs, legislators and journalists are among the initial target group, while the curriculum of university law schools should have more emphasis on IPR.

Committee Members:

  1. Maris Leemets, Philip Morris Eesti OÜ – Committee Chair
  2. Rain Laane, Microsoft Estonia
  3. Kai Tammist, Philip Morris Baltics
  4. Taimi Alas, U.S. Embassy Tallinn
  5. Brett Makens, U.S. Embassy Tallinn
  6. Kaido Uduste, Business Software Alliancce (BSA)
  7. Erik Mandre, Estonian Organization for CopyrightProtection
  8. Marius Kuningas, Estonian Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Centre
  9. Daria Sivovol, AmCham

Some of our past activities and events:

AmCham IPR White Paper 2017_EST

Celebrating the National IPR Day

Annual Intellectual Property Breakfast Meeting

AmCham IPR Committee Meet with the USPTO Representative, Paolo M.Trevisan

AmCham IP Committee Meets with the Ministry of Justice