Taxation Committee

The idea of the AmCham Taxation Committee is to engage with all taxation issues that relate to the needs of FDI in the country and Estonia’s competitiveness in the region,  which would allow the views of members to directly feed in to key policy makers.

Committee Members:

  1. Elvira Tulvik, Advokaadibüroo Magnusson – Committee Chair
  2. Ranno Tingas, Ernst & Young Estonia
  3. Nele Normak, Coca Cola Balti Jookide AS
  4. Elo Tamm, Cobalt
  5. Marina Tolmatsova, LAWIN
  6. Maris Leemets, Philip Morris International
  7. Erki Uustalu, Eesti Energia AS (ENEFIT)
  8. Siiri Lahe, Estonian Cell AS
  9. Daria Sivovol, AmCham