Directors of AmChams in Europe gather in DC and Chicago for Annual USA Conference

Washington, DC and Chicago, IL
April 15- 21, 2018

 This year’s annual conference was attended by 32 participants from AmChams all over Europe. The conference takes place every year in April or May and includes meetings in 2 cities: Washington, DC and one other city (different every years). This year it was Chicago. AmCham Estonia CEO Daria Sivovol  attended and helped to organize the conference as a member of the Executive Committee of the AmChams in Europe Association.

 Meetings in Washington included:

  • US Chamber of Commerce Briefings (Marjorie Chorlins, Garrett Workman, J.D. Foster, Rob Engstrom, Sara Armstrong, John Murphy, Kara Sutton.
  • Transatlantic Business Works Summit (with Tom Donohue, Secretary Ross, David O’Sullivan)
  • Briefings by Pew Research Centre on “The U.S. Image Abroad”
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Briefings (Dale Tasharski, Renee Hancher, Brian Woodward Matthew Edwards), as well as meeting with the European Desk Officers
  • Company visit to CBS Corporation and meeting with Josh Brackett, VP
  • Capitol Hill Briefings (Senator Thomas Carper and Andy Olson)
  • Visit to the Obama Foundation


Meetings in Chicago included:

  • Visit to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) HQ
  • Visit to AbbVie Company HQ
  • Briefing with World Business Chicago
  • Visit to 1871: Chicago Technology & Entrepreneurship Centre
  • Visit to Chicago City Hall and Meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel
  • Visit to Northern Trust HQ
  • Chicago Council event with Madeleine Albright “Fascism: A Warning”
  • Visit to Motorolla Solutions Inc HQ
  • Chicago Council event “The Retreat of Western Liberalism” with Edward Luce, Washington Correspondent, Financial Times

 This annual conference is not only an excellent networking and education platform for AmCham directors but it provides AmCham managers with the invaluable insights into the US current policies, economic developments and business perspectives.