AmCham Behind The Scenes Tour: Magnetic MRO, Tallinn Airport

On April 30, AmCham members and guests met at Tallinn Airport for a unique event. AmCham Estonia has re-launched the Behind-the-Scenes Tours Program with the first tour being arranged in cooperation with Tallinn Airport, Estonian Air and Magnetic MRO. Guests learned more about the world of aviation and aircraft maintenance, as well as met with the management of all 3 event partner-companies.

030Air Est Amch 2015

Erik Sakkov of Tallinn Airport, opened the event with an intriguing discussion on what it takes to get more traffic into an airport, including a strong national carrier, and the importance of knowing about neighboring countries and markets. He also hopes, since most flights between Eastern Asia and Western Europe fly over Estonia, that Tallinn will develop more as hub for passengers to stop or stay in the future. 

Next, Thea Gents of Estonian Air, told guests about the focus of the national carrier, which is “today and tomorrow,” The goals of the airline include serving the interests of the country and listen to the customer’s needs, now and also in the future. She informed listeners that every decision made by Estonian Air has a strong reason behind it, one of the most important being sustainability.

The last speaker, Jonas Butautis, CEO of Magnetic MRO, started out with a fun fact: MMRO has the best knowledge of CIA procedures of any company here, because President Obama delivered a speech at their hangar during his visit to Estonia. MMRO is the largest maintenance company in Estonia, providing 3% of maintenance for Estonian Air and 97% for other airlines. Jonas also discussed how the focus of the aviation identity should be on infastructure, instead of passenger traffic, which will financially support airports. He then finished by stating that, “there are no boundaries in the aviation industry.”

049Air Est Amch 2015

Guests were then taken out to the Magnetic MRO hangar on the airport’s tarmac. Inside, everyone walked around the hangar while guides informed them about the maintenance of planes and the process of making different parts, as well as a brief look inside the cockpit of a plane.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of event partners,Tallinn Airport, Estonian Air and Magnetic MRO, for their support and contribution! We appreciate the work everyone put into the event which made it a success. We look forward to launching more Behind-the-Scenes Tours programs in the future!