IP & Trade Secrets: Morning Seminar & Discussion

On 8 June, 2015 AmCham members gathered for an interactive morning session and discussion on IP & Trade Secrets Protection.

The event was organized by AmCham and co-hosted by 2 of our members – law firm TRINITI and ChecktoCashup.

ChecktoCashUp’s Co-founder, Alexander Volohhonski opened the seminar by giving an overview of the market trends when it comes to elicit trade and counterfeiting, as well as the possbile ways for IP protection today. The overall picture is that there are a lot of problems when it comes to counterfeiting in the world, including the U.S. Market. For example, trademarks can be too easily copied, the procedures and opportunities of trademark protection are unknown to the public,  IP protection can be too expensive, etc. For this reason, Alexander introduced C2C’s product portfolio with its many opportunities to provide easy and reliable IP & Trademark protection.



TRINITI Law Office Attorney-at-Law Karmen Turk spoke about why trade secrets are important to business. She brought out useful examples by describing Michelin and AMSC cases. The problem in Estonia, and also in the EU in general, is that there is no unified legislation when it comes to the definition of trade secrets and protection.  Luckily, the European Parliament has made a proposal for a new Directive that will protect  companies’ ‘know-how’ and business information and this Directive will comply with every EU country. 


We would like to thank TRINITI Law Office, ChecktoCashUp, and Swissotel Tallinn for their support of the event, as well as all the event participants for their active participation. We appreciate the work everyone put into the event, which made it a success.