Melissa Wells Corporate Citizenship Award 2016 Announced!!!

On May 31, as part of the AmCham Annual Spring Gala with over 250 participants, Ambassador Melville, Indrek Laul and Daria Sivovol announced the Annual Melissa Wells Corporate Citizenship Award 2016!

We are thrilled to announce that this year`s winner is Molycorp Silmet AS!!!


Molycorp Silmet was recognized for its partnership project with Sillamäe Vocational School. The goal of this project is to supply the industry with a qualified work-force from Ida-Virumaa. Molycorp Silmet, together with Sillamäe Vocational School, put together the relevant professional study program for Chemical Process Operators. Molycorp Silmet also contributed with some lecturers who are reputable employees of the company. Molycorp Silmet also offers the students an internship opportunity and has already hired a number of graduates. Also a number of existing employees have used the opportunity to complete the course and raise their qualifications. As of today, the number of the graduates of this study program has been 38 persons. Molycorp has offered internships for 16 students of this program. By now, 6 graduates of this study course are working in Molycorp Silmet. As the 2nd class of the program only graduated in February 2016, the number of graduates hired by the company will most probably grow soon. The number of their existing employees taking the study program is 5.

This year`s runner-up is Microsoft Estonia OÜ with their Mobile Spring project: the overall aim of the project was to encourage people to improve their e-skills and also to decrease a gap between the active IT-users and non-users. The aim was to make hands on trainings simple and educate people on how to use smart devices so they would acquire basic skills they need in a digitalized world. The project had three target groups: young people attending basic school, elderly people with low digital skills, girls and women.

Mobile Spring, that took place from 11th of May until 9th of June across Estonia in co-operation with NGOs and large corporations also showing how both can work together on a voluntary basis for a common purpose to help less advantageous social groups to acquire e-skills.


Other 4 finalists were also recognized for their CSR projects:

• Estonian Cell AS: Europe`s first mechanical biogas production plant

• Eastman Specialities OÜ: the Green Office project

• TransferWise Ltd: Hackathon

• Philip Morris Estonia: 1.Restart project and 2.Support to Foundation Maarja Village



We would like to thank all the companies who submitted applications for the Melissa Wells Award 2016!