Member2Member Collaboration in action

Last week Coca-Cola Baltic office welcomed visitors from our Central Eastern Europe marketing team. It was their first visit to Estonia, so we welcomed them with the lovely dinner, spiced up with inspiration from a special guest from Transferwise, Eduardo who breathes and lives company values.

As Estonia carries a remarkable image of being the home of successful start ups, Transferwise felt as the most aspirational of them to allow our marketing team to learn something very different from revolutionized financial services.

And truly inspirational it was. We are often so focused on our daily business so that what is happening around us in other industries seems a bit far away. In our talks though we experienced number of “Aha” moments and learned fresh perspective on driving innovation relevant for any industries and why not for beverage one. Few highlights we took with us:

  1. With any revolutionary ideas it all starts with a true problem that needs to be solved.
  2. Selling the strong idea successfully comes with personal story
  3. In order to revolutionize and shine through clutter, we should be ready to “Run naked” and stressing “We” as an organization, incl CEO. If organization is not ready to do so, no agency will do it for us
  4. Work every day to make your service or product obsolete – this is a true drive to continue to improve
  5. Try to find answer time to time the important question “What your competitors would do to eliminate you?”… and do it yourself J
  6. Identify a single point of “enemy” your product service fights against, but don’t become too radical, you may need to team up with some of them in the future.
  7. And what else? A bonus: they have sauna in their office!

 Truly inspired Marit Kroon, a member of Central Eastern Europe marketing team, The Coca-Cola Company 

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