TaxiGo OÜ

Taxigo develops a B2B, B2C and C2C/P2P online logistics platform/application targeting the worldwide market of inter and intra city logistics. Online logistics application is a smarter, efficient and more social form of taxi dispatch intermediation.

The IT system has been developed in-house and the software platform has been operational. The key aim of the system is to provide a fully functional and secure platform, with the capacity to processes numerous taxi orders in all target countries. As well an effective monitoring system including verification, history, prices. Full automation of all processes. The biggest advantage still be the transparency and loyalty to our customer if this is a private person, a company or the government.

Started the development about 2 year ago the service went online in December 2016 in Tallinn. Within 1 year Taxigo bacame the biggest taxi-provider in all major cities of Estonia. 90% of taxi-companies switched to Taxigo and using it as a call center. Over 70% of all taxi-app users use Taxigo as a default ordering application.