Transiidikeskuse AS

Rävala pst. 3 / Kuke tn. 2,
10143 Tallinn
tel. +372 6319 205
faks +372 6319 100
e-mail: *protected email*

Transiidikeskuse AS is a stevedoring company established in 1996. The company provides its services at the container and general cargo terminals in the free zone of Muuga Harbor, Estonia.

We use our best knowledge and the state of the art technology to service intercontinental flows of domestic and transit cargoes. We offer to our customers all services related to moving of the transit cargoes through the harbor on the “single window” principle. We are one of top service providers in our field of business. We use the most advanced loading equipment and technologies to serve our customers. Every day we service a large number of different vessels, incl. RO-RO and LO-LO vessels, railcars and trucks with general- , bulk- and containerized cargoes.

The terminals of Transiidikeskuse AS allow us to provide services as a multi-functional operator. We can load, unload and store various goods: containers, including refrigerated containers, break bulk cargo, bulk materials, mixed cargo and goods requiring constant storage temperatures. We can provide a wide range of value adding services and assist you in forwarding of your cargoes till the final destination.