Watch Out: Superheroes Ahead!

On Saturday, March 23, AmCham Vice President Kai Tammist had the honor to present the “Rising Star” award to the Mirthies team of the SUPERHEROES program 2019. AmCham Estonia is proud to be one of the official partners of the program.

collage-superheros Superheroes is a growth mindset driven entrepreneurship & leadership program for 13-17-year-old girls to unlock their potential and build true grit for a superhero life. During 4 months of program, girls get to test their superpowers, boost their life skills, grow their sisterhood and be inspired by diverse role models. Most importantly, they get to make their dreams a reality by running projects they are passionate about in squads of five!

 The Award was given out at the GALA, which was all about celebrating successes and giving out awards in 15 categories as well as illustrating the heroic journey through inspirational videos, guest speakers and quite a bit of entertainment! The Gala was organised by the magnificent Big Sisters, the grittiest and boldest alumni from the previous Superheroes seasons. Team Mirthies received the “Rising Star” Unicorn for their unprecedented commitment! It was also the smallest team in the history of the whole project! A team that started with 4 members ended their project with only 2 members. The girls are based in Narva and despite their other hobbies and commitments, they led their team until the very end in order to successfully finish the project! Now that is a truly significant dedication and commitment! Well deserved, Mirthies!

Congratulations, SUPERHEROES, on another great season!