CORPORATE MEMBER Industry: Education

Every child needs a caring, nurturing environment in order to flourish. For children living away from their homeland, this is crucial, especially if they are learning in a new and different language. In Estonia, the International School of Estonia  provides an answer for families needing a happy, productive school for their children. Our goal at ISE  is twofold: to maintain continuity with our students´ home educational systems, and to provide an English-speaking program. Our small classes are made up of the children of multinational business families and diplomats, as well as Estonian families who desire a rigorous international education for their children. ISE is a member of the European Council of International Schools, the Central and Eastern European Schools Association, and is fully certified by the Estonian government. Our professional staff comes from America, Canada, Great Britain, and Estonia. ISE offers an international curriculum that includes all the components of a quality education in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

The International School of Estonia is a owned by the parent run non-profit association: International Educational Association of Estonia.