CORPORATE MEMBER Industry: Information Technology

Neuromation drives breakthrough AI solutions through its global marketplace and synthetic data platform. Neuromation’s marketplace enables companies to transform their businesses by accessing leading AI developers, best-in-class models, compute resources, and a broad set of data providers in one integrated platform.

Neuromation is a recognized pioneer in synthetic data – the use of computer-generated data to mimic real-world data. Recently noted in Techcrunch and Wired as a disruptive force in AI, synthetic data allows companies to develop the necessary data assets to train deep learning applications at a fraction of the time and cost of acquiring and labeling real-world data. Companies with existing AI models can use synthetic data to complement their real-world data assets to improve performance and add robustness. Neuromation has developed a holistic synthetic data platform to support a variety of computer vision use-cases and can create custom solutions to support specific business needs.

Through it’s solutions group, the company works in partnership with leading and emerging companies to drive the development of novel AI models. In partnership with Neuromation, companies are now disrupting the consumer, retail, medical, manufacturing, and robotic sectors.