CORPORATE MEMBER Industry: Communications & Media

As a Public Affairs Partner, we help our clients navigate political systems. Our core competencies are to understand, analyze and explain society, developments, and systems, as well as helping clients by providing an in-depth understanding of public debate and decision-making processes.

Most of our consultants either have backgrounds as or worked with, key figures and decision-makers in political parties, government authorities and non-profit organizations. We believe that it is essential to have a personal understanding of the political system, as well as the structural factors that can shape the outcome of societal affairs and the building of stakeholder influence.

All businesses are affected by Public Affairs, and all markets are regulated. All consumer markets are shaped by the values held by consumers and are, in turn, affected by public debate. At Rud Pedersen, we assist our clients in understanding and relating to changes in public values and market orientation.

What we offer at Rud Pedersen is based on our extensive experience from a wide range of projects and processes. It can be a well-defined product or service based on intelligence and/or tailor-made services based on the specific sector where our clients are active. It will also include the introduction to a number of tools, which allow our clients to improve their understanding of the issues both internally in the organizations, as well as among stakeholders.