CORPORATE MEMBER Industry: Legal Services

A member of the FANDZ International Law Group, Zell & Aronovich Law Office is a boutique transnational law firm providing legal services in several countries and languages. The firm is engaged in a wide range of civil legal disciplines involving cross-border transactions and dispute resolution.  With branch offices in Estonia, Israel, the United States, Canada and Russia,  Zell & Aronovich represents business organizations, non-profit organizations and NGOs and individuals in a wide range of matters including:  international arbitration and litigation; corporate and securities law; cross-border investment, finance and banking; cross-border insolvency; real estate matters including land law, land restitution and conveyancing; international procurement and trade matters;  intellectual property matters and technology transfer; high-tech; international entertainment, art and internet matters; immigration and employment law; competition and antitrust;  public international and foreign relations law; and many others.