CHARTER GOLD MEMBER Premium partner Industry: Information Technology

Datel AS was one of the first IT firms in Estonia and has significantly contributed to the development of the Estonian E- Governance systems.

With its inception at the dawn of re-independence, Datel has grown to a client base on three continents, state and local governments, multinational private sector firms, and international institutions.

The firm has developed core Estonian Government software platforms for State Land Information that has grown into a global product. Specializing in nextgen GIS systems Datel links all location connected data with a simple, intuitive user experience in HTML5 tailored for all platforms.

Users no longer need an Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry App, all they need is an intuitive Web App designed to fit their device experience. The company has made strategic partnerships with major global hardware and services firms such as Samsung, Fujitsu and EMT Telia Sonera to provide clients with the best holistic answer.

The company has operating offices in Virginia and Estonia.

Its subsidiary Ovela LLC ( conducts business operations solely in the United States with development groups within Datel AS (