Healthcare Committee

The Aim of the Healthcare Committee of AmCham Estonia is to provide Estonian policymakers, institutions and other relevant stakeholders with the perspective of US companies that operate in Estonia. Health is an important driver for wealth and economic growth. The Committee therefore would support the EU health agenda towards affordable, sustainable and innovative health systems. Composed of the various healthcare industries (pharmaceuticals, eHealth, medical devices, consumer, and transport industries), it would to be a reliable policy partner to the Estonian institutions and to help ensure that new healthcare-related legislations and policies add value to, and benefit, the entire healthcare ecosystem.

To view the latest position paper by the AmCham Healthcare Committee please CLICK HERE

Here are some of the most relevant issues the committee was addressing in 2019:

Based on many recent and not so recent studies Estonian healthcare financing system (lack of funds in EHIF) is not sustainable in the changed environment (aging population, increased expectation, innovation in HC etc). The committee is trying to identify what are the short and long term plans to make the Estonian HC future-proof.

In approximately half of the European countries, Value Added Tax of prescription medicines is lower than in Estonia (for example 6% in the Netherlands, 5% in Lithuania, 4% in Spain, 2,1% in France compared to 9% in Estonia). High proportional VAT increases especially the price of innovative new pharmaceuticals, creates an additional burden to the Health Insurance Fund and restricts access to new treatments for Estonian patients. The committee is trying to offer a change in the taxation system in order to address the issue.

Background: Today we are measuring healthcare by different input KPIs (number of nights in the hospital, cost of treatment procedures or process quality KPIs (waiting list for medical treatment), but instead we should measure and incentivize patient-centric quality of life KPIs like social functioning, self-care etc. Those KPIs have been developed and validated internationally (, but none of the countries haven’t yet implemented those nationwide. Estonia could be the leader here, as we do have digital capabilities and we are small. The committee is trying to promote the support of establishing or piloting patient-centric value-based healthcare.

Committee Members:

  1. Elo Tamm, COBALT Law Office (Committee Chair)
  2. Martin Minin, Semetron (Medical Devices)
  3. Siiri Võlu-Tiganik, HansaMedical OÜ (Medical Devices)
  4. Kairit Sildre, Johnson & Johnson (Medical Devices)
  5. Jane Kesküla, Janssen
  6. Anneli Simm, The J. Molner Company
  7. Maarika Merirand , Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol
  8. Chris Ellermaa, Roche
  9. Anneli Einroos , AbbVie
  10. Kadri Mägi-Lehtsi, Roche
  11. Taimi Veedla, U.S. Embassy Tallinn
  12. Marti Rillo , Nortal
  13. Boris Khodanovich, Pfizer
  14. Anneli Truhanov, Pfizer
  15. Kärt Tali, Bayer
  16. Jürgen Kukk, Amgen
  17. Edgars Labsvirs, Medtronic BV representative office in Baltic countries
  18. Ingrid Toonekurg, Microsoft
  19. Artemi Lvov, Microsoft
  20. Liina Kadari, Novartis
  21. Lise-Lotte Lääne, Sorainen
  22. Anni Tooma, Rud Pedersen Estonia
  23. Merilin Varsamaa, Viveo Health
  24. Pille Loit, M-Ring
  25. Rima Valentukeviciene, IBM
  26. Tarmo Toiger, KPMG
  27. Konstantin Rebrov, Chemi-Pharm
  28. Imants Sinka, MSD
  29. Mikko Fernstrom, Biogen
  30. Andrei Nahkala, Biogen
  31. Jolanta Dickute, Biogen
  32. Ruthy Kaidar, Microsoft
  33. Daria Sivovol, AmCham Estonia
  34. Edgars Skvariks, Bayer
  35. Terje Peetso, PERH
  36. Madis Aaren, AbbVie
  37. Piibe Veiram, Biogen
  38. Andrius Grigosaitis, Medtronic
  39. Daniela Pavlic, Astrazeneca
  40. Piibe Veiram, Biogen
  41. Evita Feldberga, Roche
  42. Hanno Püttsepp, Astrazeneca
  43. Ingeri Luik-Tamme, TGS Baltics

Some of our past activities and events:

AmCham HC Committee Meeting with Rain Laane, Chairman of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (February 16, 2022)

AmCham Healthcare Committee meeting 2021/1

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AmCham Estonia and AmCham Healthcare Committee Hold the 2nd Annual Healthcare Conference, This Time Dedicated to Data and Data-Driven Healthcare

Healthcare Committee Meets with the Social Ministry Representatives 

Healthcare Committee Meets with the New Chairman of the Board of HIF, Rain Laane

AmCham Healthcare Committee Holds its First Morning Breakfast Round Table Discussion with Minister Ossinovski and Tanel Ross, Haigekassa

AmCham Healthcare Committee Meets for its 3rd Meeting

AmCham Healthcare Committee Position Paper

 AmCham Launches a Healthcare Committee