About AmCham

AmCham Estonia is a non profit, non political, non governmental association of businesses.

The aim of the American Chamber of Commerce Estonia is to develop mutually beneficial economic relations between the United States of America and the Republic of Estonia, assist entrepreneurial growth, keep abreast of Estonia’s legislation and policies and inform AmCham members thereof, introduce American customs and holidays to Estonians, and assist AmCham members in developing contacts.

The Chamber has a Board of Directors and Executive Director. The U.S. Ambassador to Estonia is the Honorary President of the Chamber.


Embrace and celebrate inclusive diversity, fostering an environment where every individual’s unique background, perspective, and identity are respected and valued. 

Advocate for effective private-public partnerships, to harness the strengths of both sectors, delivering innovation, improved public services and infrastructure, for the benefit of both parties and society in general. 

Champion economic growth and prosperity, through responsible policies that create opportunities for businesses, stimulate job creation, transatlantic trade and enhance the overall well-being of Estonian citizens.

AmCham Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

AmCham By-Laws / Ameerika Kaubanduskoja Eestis Põhikiri