Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee of AmCham Estonia is composed of leaders of its member companies that monitor policies and legislation which affect the interests of the  business community and impact the economy and investment climate. 

It is the aim of the committee to support policies that assist in the development of opportunities for job creation and business growth, and oppose regulations that negatively affect business. In doing so, the committee will seek out issues that are not covered by any of the other issue-focused committees (Travel & Tourism, Healthcare, Digital Society, Talent & Education) and will consolidate member positions on those. They will include Taxation, Trade, Financial Services, General Business Diplomacy, Foreign Direct Investment, Energy and other policy areas. In order to achieve its goals, the Committee will look for opportunities for a proactive approach, providing regular regulatory counsel to the government – in a permanent dialogue with period meetings, if possible. 

The Committee will act as a first address for member companies, who have specific issues or concerns about policy developments. The Committee, while not necessarily assuming a role in direct interest representation, will counsel the member company and refer them to a more professional framework of advocacy – be it an issue-specific committee or similar.

The Committee will strive to represent foreign investor perspectives and co-operate with other like-minded business interest representation organization to achieve impact. 

Public Policy Committee Members:

  1. Nele Normak, Coca Cola Balti Jookide AS – Committee Chair
  2. Andreas Kaju, Meta Advisory – Vice-Chair
  3. Hanna Estko, Advokaadibüroo Magnusson
  4. Kristian Riber Kraaer, Google
  5. Elo Tamm, Cobalt Law Office
  6. Ranno Tingas, Ernst & Young Estonia
  7. Hannes Reinula, Eastman Specialties
  8. Joel Zernask, KPMG
  9. Rasmus Luhakooder, Cleveron
  10. Kai Tammist, Philip Morris Estonia
  11. Siiri Lahe, Estonian Cell AS
  12. Kairi Uustulnd, Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Estonia
  13. Pirjo Jha, Vaimo
  14. Peeter Vahtramäe, Cayman Europe
  15. Daria Sivovol, AmCham