Our Members about AmCham

*** Why join AmCham?  AmCham is the most active chamber in Estonia, which is fully engaged with the Estonian government to lead change.  The voice of the business community has a voice with AmCham unlike any other organization in Estonia. Through advocacy programs and policy papers, the AmCham has partnered with the government to make effective legislation that supports a thriving business environment. Those who join AmCham have the unique opportunity to join like-minded leaders to take true concerns to policy makers directly. No chamber has that kind of access or excellent working relationship with Estonian policy-makers.

For my business, we have found the training opportunities immensely important in our quest to lead innovative practice. I have the almost weekly opportunity to meet change-makers in this society, which gives me the chance to reflect on how and why we follow certain practices and these meetings often ask me to challenge our team to grow. AmCham has simply made me a better business leader.”

Kathleen Naglee, Director of International School of Finland (former VP of Amcham Estonia)

*** “AmCham offers some great experiences with like minded local and international companies which can fuel business growth through partnerships.We love to get involved with a wide range of local activities as a business and AmCham delivers this to a tee!

AmCham provide not just enjoyable but educational and professional events – as a growing company, TransferWise have found the events useful for introducing new wisers to the local business community.AmCham is an organisation made up of local people who share a passion for and commitment to enhancing and improving the national business community.”

– Dan Stansbie, Transferwise

*** “Through AmCham , members can get access to business and governmental leaders. This allows companies to discuss issues important to our business and community. AmCham can help members to became more visible and make our word to be heard.”

– Hannes Reinula, Eastman

*** “AmCham is an excellent opportunity to meet regularly with local business and political leaders. AmCham provides you with a wide range of topical committees to discuss and progress important matters for you. And that’s not all, AmCham enables you to print your valuable ideas and concerns into highly professional and well appreciated papers..”

– Siiri Lahe, Estonian Cell AS

-Sander Kärson, TGS Baltic

– Eduardo Encarnacion and Vlad Eminovici, Whalar