Talent & Education Committee

As Estonia positions itself in the region as an Innovative, IT-advanced market and technology-based economy, it is challenged to produce sufficient quantities of the highly qualified labor to meet growing demand, the aim of the Talent & Education committee is to bring together all member-companies that in their everyday business deal with labor market issues, talent attraction and retention, as well as migration issues in Estonia.

To view the AmCham Talent & Education Committee’s latest position paper please CLICK HERE

AmCham Board, Talent &Education Committee and ITL respond to the proposed A2 language level requirement. Click to read the letter IN ENGLISH or IN ESTONIAN

Committee Members:

  1.  Martin Lään, Expat Relocaion – Committee Chair
  2. Anni Metstak, EBS Education
  3. Ramil Pärdi, TRINITI Law Firm
  4. Heigo Kaldra, Manpower
  5. Krista Tuulik, TTÜ
  6. Daria Sivovol, AmCham Estonia
  7. Eha Teder, Tallinn University of Technology

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