CORPORATE MEMBER Industry: Logistics

Port of Tallinn is a state-owned limited liability company and operates as an intermodal hub, handling passengers as well as multiple types of cargo. This makes it the biggest port authority in Estonia and an active player in the Baltic Sea Region. Port of Tallinn owns five constituent harbours including Estonia’s main passenger harbour Old City Harbour and Estonia’s biggest cargo harbour Muuga Harbour. Port of Tallinn is Estonia’s biggest maritime gateway.

The activities of Port of Tallinn are divided mainly between the following areas:

  • cargo and activities related to handling it
  • passengers and activities related to serving them
  • real estate development
  • shipping
  • energetics

Port of Tallinn is the most innovative sea gate on the shores of the Baltic Sea. We have grown from a traditional infrastructure operator to a modern and multifaceted development and services company. We create the best environment and development opportunities for our customers by logistically combining the service of people and goods, shipping activities and the development of seaside real estate. We listen to communities and protect the environment. We are open, clever and trustworthy.

We represent the image of Estonia and are one of the engines behind Estonia’s economy. As a company owned by the state, we serve Estonia and its citizens. Our role is to improve Estonia’s competitiveness as a maritime country.