10th Annual Meeting the Prime Minister gathers the record number of investors

On September 10, over 150 AmCham members and partners gathered for a 10th Annual Meeting with the Prime Minister of Estonia. The event was held in the Ballroom of Swissotel Tallinn, that has also become our annual tradition.

With the arrival of the PM, the event got kicked off. Daria Sivovol and Andrus Alber welcomed the guests and said a special thank you to the sponsors.

Ambassador Levine also delivered a special farewell and thank you message to all AmCham members and the board highlighting the important role that AmCham played in his work here in Estonia.

The keynote message by the Prime Minister followed and focused on the following subjects this year:

  • Ease of Doing Business in Estonia. Did you know that Estonia ranked 17th among 189 countries? Also, Estonia had the highest ranking among Central and Eastern European countries.
  • e-Residency -the hot topic everybody in the world is speaking about and how it will unleash the world’s entrepreneurial potential.
  • Estonian budget priorities for 2016.
  • The refugee crises and we quote Taavi Rõivas: “As we can see from the U.S. experience, diversity brings many opportunities and not only problems”
  • Conjectural situation in world economy, i.e sluggish recovery from the global financial crisis, still unstable Greece market & the slowdown of Chinese markets, growth in the euro area.
  • Long term GDP growth has benefitted from substantial FDI inflow. In terms of FDI per capita, Estonia is one of the leading countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

 After the speech, the Prime Minister tackled some hard-hitting questions from the audience about refugees, FDI, taxes, high energy costs and more. Overall, it was a great discussion on migration, business climate and solidarity in solving today’s crises in the world.

We thank all AmCham members who actively participated in the discussion, all other foreign chambers and their members for joining us, Swissotel for being a great host!! A special thank you goes to Jeff Levine for his many contributions and for the time with us here in Estonia. Last but not least, we thank the Prime Minister of Estonia Mr. Taavi Rõivas for finding the time to join us for a discussion on those hot topics and once again continuing this annual tradition.