AmCham AGM 2024 & Spring Member Luncheon

April 9, 2024 | 12:00 ‒ 14:00

On April 9th, AmCham Estonia extended its invitation to all members for the Annual General Meeting 2024 and Member Speaker Luncheon, a hallmark event held at the Nordic Forum Hotel Tallinn.

The event was divided into two distinct segments. It commenced with the Annual General Meeting & Board Elections, followed by the Spring Member Speaker Luncheon. The latter featured distinguished keynote speakers, Mariin Ratnik, the Undersecretary for Economic and Development Affairs, and Maksym Kononenko, the Ukrainian Ambassador to the Republic of Estonia, who illuminated the audience with their insightful perspectives.

A significant highlight of the AGM was the election of the new board, comprising esteemed individuals such as Mihail Burõhh of Mind Spa, Indrek Laul, the CEO of Estonia Piano Factory, Nele Normak from Coca-Cola Baltic, and Maria Pihlak from Sorainen law office. The outgoing AmCham Board members, including Elo Tamm, Annika Arras, Hannes Reinula, and President Megan Riley, were gratefully acknowledged for their dedicated service and leadership.

We want to thank everyone who attended the event, as well as the Nordic Hotel Forum for hosting us. It was a successful day, highlighting the importance of collaboration and discussion within Estonia’s business community.