The First Ever Pamela Luise Dream Lifter Prize Awarded at Latitude59

Each of us has a story co-authored by those who gave their time, energy and heart to lift the lines of our chapters. Inspiration and empowerment of each other’s moments are among the highest impact events of life.

We at the American Chamber of Commerce are thrilled to have supported the first annual Pamela Luise Dream Lifter Prize together with EO59 and Latitude59

Pamela was that unsung hero of so many stories. The one you think of in quiet moments and wish you had a second chance to thank.  A woman who gave herself to the world around her as a high-energy firework her sparkle was infectious. She truly reached out and grabbed the dreams of those around her and propelled them to bring them to life.

Named in her honor, our first ever Dream Lifter Prize seeks to raise the story of an incredible force in our society and support the supporter.  

Our very first prize winner Annika Tõnurist has overcome tremendous personal challenges endemic among those raising up out of occupation into the newly freed Estonia of the 1990s. She is a teacher in rural Estonia South of Tartu. A place where she not only has been recognized as teacher of the year for her inspiration but where she helps lead the Estonian Defense Forces Home Daughters volunteer initiative to ensure Estonia never again faces the horrors of its past. She mentors new young teachers facing the struggles characteristic of the profession to see the brightness they may bring to the world. 

Annika’s two daughters nominated her, lifted their dream lifter, brought her incredibly moving and high-impact story of an unsung hero in Estonia’s heartland to us all. 

Annika is a true Dream Lifter, the first Pamela Luise Dream Lifter Prize winner. Help us find the next in 2025. It up to us all to raise the stories of those who raised ours and be their hero.

“It is a tremendous honor to be selected a dream lifter – especially following Pamela Luise’s footprint, who inspired countless people globally and whose outstanding life made an actual difference.

In today’s society, filled with endless challenges to face and decisions to make, it is upon every individual to choose if and how they can contribute to positively impact as many lives as possible. And this is what being a dream lifter means to me: waking up every morning and making a conscious decision to find opportunities that empower, encourage, lift, and bring hope to the most hopeless situations.”- commented Annika Tõnurist

Congratulations, Annika!!!


Also a big THANK YOU to the Selection Committee 2024:



Kimberlyn McDonald, UVA

Laura Ortiz, ABB

Kriss Eglite, New Vintage by Kriss

Kristi Pärn-Valdoja, Publisher and Editor, Säde Magazine

The Pamela Luis Picard Family Chair- Carl Pucci

As well as our supporters: 

Megan Riley, MLR StrategiesLiisi Org, Latitude59, 

Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel