AmCham Estonia and Our Members Support Meal Bridge Estonia

We are thrilled to announce that this week AmCham Estonia has joined the Meal Bridge Estonia Project and will be donating meals starting today and through Friday to 32 workers from rescue team and ambulance in Rapla!

The meals will be sponsored from the chamber’s charity fund that is raised every year at the Thanksgiving Dinner with the help of our members and partners.

Meal Bridge Estonia initiative began with an idea from Atlanta, Georgia known as The Meal Bridge and has started in Rapla, Estonia with our Premium Partner company Datel AS. Carl Pucci, a senior leader of Datel, and board member of AmCham has pulled Rapla together with several cafes and businesses donating food and most importantly love to the Rapla Hospital.

A special shout out to Carl Pucci for driving this and also to Indrek at Adograaf OÜ for donating the great stickers! Keep up the great work and everything you are doing! This is truly awesome!