AmCham IPR Committee members and other invited guests meet with the USPTO representative, Paolo M.Trevisan

Today, some of the AmCham IPR Committee members and other invited members got to meet with the Patent Attorney from the Office of Policy and International Affairs of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Paolo M. Trevisan! Paolo arrived to Estonia to speak at the event organized in cooperation with the Estonian Patent Office and kindly agreed to meet our IPR Committee members as well as other selected AmCham members who deal with patents, trademark issues and intellectual property. Paolo gave us an overview about Estonia`s recent membership in the global Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) as well as the latest developments in United States patenting system and issues to consider when investing/expanding operations in the Unites States. Also he talked about major benefits of PPH and of course answered the questions that the round table discussion participants had.
We would like to thank the U.S. Embassy for giving us the opportunity to meet Mr. Trevisan and Microsoft for hosting this morning round table meeting!