AmCham´s Silent Auction Items

Artist Martin Saar 

“Monkey Junior”

Original Print, 2021


Starting bid Euro 400


Artist Navitrolla

“In which direction are we howling today?”

Lithography, 63x72cm, format with frame

The usual view of nature in Estonia more or less always includes a blackening forest vibe on the horizon. In winter, a composition is formed in the colors of the Estonian flag. That’s what’s really beautiful to look at. The motif of dogs howling on both sides just gives the picture an extra dimension – beautiful enough, but where to go next…

Artist Navitrolla

“The First is always in front of everything”

Lithography, 70x88cm, format with frame

It was born at a time when I was currently experiencing a terrible lack of money. One of my collectors said “take any picture and I’ll buy the whole print.” The proposal seemed very tempting, and then I took such a picture which, in my eyes, depicts a situation where, in the case of a good offer, you have to be in front of everything and be ready to accept all this beauty. The moral of the story is that when the picture was finished, the customer said he was joking…

Artist Epp Maria Kokamägi

“Blue Night”

Oil on Canvas, 2022

44x54cm Format with frame

Artist Arro Porcelain

Liisu Arro Kokamägi

“Wishing Bowl” is handcrafted, details with gold, matte glaze 

Size: H= 8,5cm; D= 13,5cm


Artist Kadi Veesaar Jewelry Designer

Jewelry Set from the collection Shades Rhombus

Silver 925, 24K gold-plated, structure medium

Starting Bid EUR 200

Unique Jewelry Set

Artist Tanel Veenre Jewelry Designer

Pair of Earrings- first models of the Tanel Veenre Voodoo collection

The top of the earrings, the butterfly, is made of ebony, with a semi-precious stone heterosite hanging from it.


Artist Kriss Eglite “New Vintage by Kris”

“Flower of Life” necklace with rose quartz

The pendant is 3D printed from ethical 925 silver.

Flower of Life symbolizes creation and reminds us of the unity of everything: we and everything around us is built from the same blueprint.

We use 3D printing to ensure the accuracy of this powerful sacred geometry symbol.



Artist Laura Saks Jewelry Designer known as EGG Laura Saks

Jewelry Set- earrings and necklace

Laura Saks is a young jewelry artist who uses sustainable materials like eggshells and bio-resin to make her jewelry.

Bruno Design Award winner 2020