AmCham Talent & Education Committee co-signs the Collective Letter to the Ministry of Education

On April 29, AmCham Talent & Education Committee sent a collective letter to the Ministry of Education  to urge you to reconsider the B2 language requirement for international school teachers in Estonia, to take effect in August 2024.

Business communities in Estonia are committed to fostering and advancing a healthy business climate. Since restoring our independence, those communities have worked hard and partnered with the Government of Estonia to promote Foreign Direct Investment, develop export markets for Estonia, increase the competitiveness of Estonian companies in foreign markets, and to promote policies for a thriving economy. One of our key priorities is how to attract and retain the talent businesses need to foster innovation and grow their investments in Estonia.

It is crucial to recognize that attracting foreign talent and investors goes beyond just offering employment opportunities. Foreign professionals require a holistic ecosystem of services, including access to quality education in English for their children, reliable healthcare facilities, and other essential amenities.

The letter was co-signed by the Foreign Investors Council in Estonia (FICE), ITL and many businesses who felt strongly about the impact of the requirement on the business climate and investor climate in the country.