EBS: Executive coaches support managers and their teams in achieving their company’s full potential

13 Executive Coaches with years of experience of leadership and professional training have been brought in to EBS Executive Education with the aim of supporting managers, teams and organisations facing developmental challenges.

Coaches from a variety of backgrounds – Peep Aaviksoo, Katrin Oblikas, Riina Varts, Merle Viirmaa, Arto Aas, Piret Jesse, Urmas Kaarlep, Mart Kikas, Tiit Kolde, Kiur Lootus, Steve Neale, Jekaterina Sirak and Toomas Soosaar – form the team behind the EBS Executive Coaching Centre (EBS ECC).

“It’s only natural that leadership coaches flock to the only business and leadership school in Estonia, which is to say EBS,” says Peep Aaviksoo, who is the head of Executive Education and one of the most highly qualified executive coaches in Estonia. He adds that organisations are becoming more and more interested in team coaching, which has seen modest growth in Estonia to date. “A group of qualified executive coaches can help a team and organisation cooperate in order to map the changes in direction they need to implement, as well as to plan and to achieve their potential,” he explains.

Coaching is a goal-oriented process which deals with the specific developmental challenges of the client and trialling behavioural patterns under specific circumstances in order to boost the effectiveness of the client’s activities. At its core, executive coaching is the identification and implementation of the intellect, experience and potential of the members of the organisation, along with skilled team management.

EBS Executive Education has been one of the most acclaimed training centres on the Estonian market for 30 years, training around 750 managers annually. EBS has promoted the field of executive coaching in Estonia for years by both training coaches and sharing the practices of coaching with managers and specialists. Since 2012, EBS has been carrying out training programmes for coaching: the Coaching Skills Certificate and the Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching. In that time, more than 1000 people have completed the programmes.

Executive Education is a licensed coaching partner to and the sole representative of the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) in Estonia and the certified Estonian partner to Team Coaching International. In addition, it is the certified partner to Hogan Assessment Systems and an accredited Estonian representative of the world-renowned project management certificate programme PEOPLECERT

To the website – https://executivecoaching.ee/ 
For more information, please write coaching@ebs.ee