A Better Future: Biotechnology & Intellectual Property

April 26, 2019 | ‒

On April 26 each year, the World is celebrating the Annual World IP Day. This year, we had an amazing opportunity to celebrate this occasion in two ways: 1. by launching our new Digital Society Committee, and 2. by holding a very exciting seminar on the topic of biotechnology, and innovation alongside with the topic of IP, and also by presenting the new committee at the event.

On April 25, AmCham members and invited guests gathered at TalTech Mektory to meet Jeff Ross, the Ph.D., and CEO of the Miromatrix Medical Inc. The company is engaged in the development of fully biological human organs to solve the chronic shortage of transplantable organs utilizing it’s patented perfusion decellularization/recellularization technology, as well as the development of the next generation of acellular based products!

It was truly mindblowing to acknowledge how far has the biotechnology gone in just 5 years. Very soon, Miromatrix and companies alike will be able to change lives and give hope to over a million patients by using their regenerative medical technologies! Of course, one of Jess Ross’ main messages was that everything starts with a patent! Patents are extremely important in order to protect the technology and intellectual property in order to grow, develop and contribute!

A big thank you to Jeff Ross for coming to Estonia and sharing a piece of knowledge with our members, and also Pirjo Jha, the newly elected Chairwoman of the Digital Society Committee for introducing the committee and main ideas & topics. Of course, a huge thank you to the U.S. Embassy for supporting this year’s Annual World IP Day celebration event, and we would also like to thank our member and event partner MEKTORY for hosting the seminar!

And for last, but not least  – Thank you, dear members and guests, for joining us!

Happy World IP Day!

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