JUNE 13: AmCham Fireside Chat & Workshop with Mariliis Pikkar

June 13, 2024 | 15:00 ‒ 17:00

On June 13th, Marimo Fashion’s CEO and Founder, Marliis Pikkar, participated in an engaging fireside chat moderated by Megan Riley of MLR Strategies. Marliis’s journey into fashion began in childhood, influenced by her talented seamstress mother. By high school, she was taking orders and sewing clothes, foreshadowing her future path.

She obtained her master’s degree in Technology of Textiles and Garment Industry from TalTech in Tallinn. During the recession in 2009, she decided to turn her dream into reality and founded Marimo Fashion in 2010. Starting alone, the team has now grown to 8 people plus advisors. When creating, Marliis focuses on designing garments that women truly need and desire.

The brand’s name, ‘Marimo,’ combines ‘Mari’ from Marliis with ‘Mo,’ Estonian for ‘mood,’ reflecting fashion’s essence. Marimo Fashion achieved breakthrough success in the US, expanding to 21 countries with a strong online presence on Instagram and YouTube, emphasizing high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

Despite balancing parenthood—raising three children—Marliis manages her energy and focus through early mornings and support from her husband.

Discussing her fashion approach, Marliis emphasizes wearable luxury over fleeting trends, prioritizing personal time alongside her career and family. Nature serves as her muse, inspiring both her designs and lifestyle choices.

Looking forward, Marimo Fashion aims to further expand internationally with plans for pop-up stores and a sustainable capsule wardrobe line, focusing on luxurious, skin-friendly materials.

Marliis Pikkar’s journey highlights the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, encouraging aspiring founders to carefully consider their path while embracing continuous growth and innovation.

A big thank you to Megan Riley of MLR Strategies for her excellent moderation and to all participants. For more about Marimo Fashion, visit their webpage Marimo Fashion