AmCham HC Round-Table with Policy-Makers: VACCINATION

May 30, 2023 | 09:00 ‒ 10:00

This morning, members of the AmCham Healthcare committee met with the Estonian policy-makers and stakeholders for the Healthcare Round-Table to discuss the current situation in Estonia with the overall vaccination trends, its effect on economy, and how we can work together to make sure that we prevent a negative impact of the vaccination hesitancy on business, employers and the overall business climate in the country. Great discussion and thought leadership!

We sincerely thank the meeting participants and our meeting host – Sorainen Law Firm


1 Rain Laane Tervisekassa

2 Hanna Jäe Tervisekassa

3 Heli Laarmann Sotsiaalministeerium

4 Irina Filippova Terviseamet

5 Marje Oona Perearst

6 Kärt Sõber Terviseamet 



1 Liina Miller Pfizer

2 Alice Kivistik Pfizer

3 Hanno Püttsepp AstraZeneca

4 Elo Tamm COBALT law firm

5 Lise-Lotte Lääne, Sorainen

6 Andres Müürsepp, MSD Estonia


The meeting minutes will be available to all interested Healthcare Committee Members after the meeting.