AmCham-MFA Meeting: Meet TEAM ESTONIA in the USA

January 19, 2022 | 17:00 ‒ 18:00

On January 19, Amcham Estonia and its members had a meeting together with MFA and TEAM ESTONIA in the USA.

TEAM ESTONIA in the USA was represented at the meeting by:

Embassy of Estonia in Washington:

·       Iti Press, Counsellor for Cyber Issues and Economic Affairs (MFA)

·       Alvar Soosaar, Director of US Investment and Trade (MFA)

New York Consulate General:

·       Kairi Künka, Consul General (MFA)

·       James York, Director of US Business & Innovation (Enterprise Estonia)

San Francisco Consulate General:

·       Ann Hänni, Consul General (MFA)

·       Kairi Pirk-Vatunen, Consul (MFA)

·       Maris Prii, Director of FDI and Business Development (Estonian Investment Agency)

Meeting was moderated by Maria Golova, Business Diplomacy Advisor.