America is Open For Business-Access USA Workshop

March 13, 2018 | ‒

You cannot undermine”importance of thinking globally from the day 1!” – with these words Toomas Prangli, co-managing partner of Sorainen, opened our AcessUSA  seminar devoted to debunking the myths and learning to avoid the land mines on your conquest of the U.S. market.

This seminar was organized in cooperation with the Sorainen Law firm and featured two exceptional speakers – Marc Friedman, director of Professional Relations  and Sophie Lechner, the founder and CEO of Global Commerce Education.

Why should you bring your business to the U.S.? Marc Friedman definitely has an answer to that:

  • GDP of $19.42 trillion – per capita $58,000. 25% of the World economy in 2017
  • Second most innovative nation
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights (US is #1 followed by UK, Germany and Japan)
  • 16 US free trade agreements cover 20 countries and 6% of non-US World population

These are only some of the reasons worth paying attention to and once you investigate you will definitely find even more advantages!

But to many of us entering the U.S. market might seem quite challenging – strict numerous regulations, patent trolls , high cost of entry – all these myths have been tackled by Marc in his presentation and he succeeded to convince each and every one of us timely research and careful planning can ensure that you will be able to avoid these land mines and find your niche.

The presentation by Sophie Lechner was devoted to the topic of the cross-cultural peculiarities and importance of establishing trust. Keep it simple, short, lively & get to the point fast! – and the Americans will hear you!

We want to thank personally Aku Sorainen and the Sorainen Law office for introducing to us these two inspirational speakers and hosting the event!

Shortly the presentations by Marc and Sophie will be available at our website, please use your AmCham password to access them!

Photos by Sergei Krasii, Fotki Inc. for AmCham Estonia. To view more photos please CLICK HERE..

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