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On September 12 ,we held our traditional morning seminar this time together with our great member VAIMO, one of the most respected experts in digital commerce.

VAIMO is a full-service omnichannel agency that works together with such companies as Selver, Kaubamaja, Bauhaus, Helly Hansen, Jaguar and many more! Not only this event marked the beginning of the morning series’, but it was also one of the first events under the umbrella of the newly launched Digital Society Committee!

So what did we learn?!

When going online with your business, it is important to understand the data that you have, have a clear and structured strategy and, of course, to understand the preferences of different generations of people.

It is crucial to design the experience to support a seamless omni-channel journey! Nowadays shoppers expect convenience and personalization! When choosing the partner to support your e-commerce activities, focus on your customer, bridge together a cross organizational team, aim for omnichannel, choose the right hosting and of course, define a strategy!

We would like to thank VAIMO for this great opportunity and for hosting the event!! We look forward to receive more knowledge on e-commerce together with you!
Thank you to our participants for joining us! There is more on the way, stay tuned!

To read the event review by Piers Mcewan (Content writer at VAIMO), please CLICK HERE

Photos by Sergei Krasii, Fotki Agency (c)

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