Exclusive Cooking Masterclass by Tim Bramich

October 17, 2018 | ‒

6 starters, a main dish and a delicious dessert to top it off… Next time we will recommend that event participants should skip their lunch before they attend this Masterclass with Tim Bramich at Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused. In fact, they should not eat a breakfast either, as the entire evening we have been nibbling and gorging from the minute we walked into the cozy Köök kitchen in the center of the Old Town!

After an ice-breaking welcome drink, Tim engaged the entire group in a preparation of 6 different Holiday Season starters: blue-cheese stuffed mushroom wrapped in bacon, mackerel pâté, salmon confit with wakame salad, yellow beetroot soup and others! We then got to make pulled pork for the main and pumpkin spice panna cotta with biscotti for dessert!

It was messy,fun and loud in the kitchen as we cooked together and tasted each dish along the way…Another incredible experience with our wonderful member – Köök, Tim Bramich, Lisel Pilter and their fantastic team! Thank you!

Photos by Sergei Krasii

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