Free Live Stream: Marketing in Turbulent Context

April 3, 2020 | ‒

On April 3, we invited our members to join the LIVE stream provided by Tatarklubben, in cooperation with the Harvard Business Review Press, to learn how to market the company in a turbulent context! This time we had a chance to virtually meet Mathew Sweezey from Salesforce, presenting the key takeaways from his book The Context Marketing Revolution.

In a world of infinite noise and instant access, consumers have reformed their decision making processes to fit this new reality. On top of that, the recent developments worldwide have brought us to a “work-from-home” revolution. “The context marketing revolution isn’t about content, social media, ad blocking, or mobility. It’s about that people derive from instant access, connectivity, and openness,” Mathew Sweezey said.

The full video of Mathew Sweezey’s presentation and the Q&A session is available HERE

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We are happy to announce that several AmChams in Europe have partnered with the Harvard Business Review Press and we will be offering all our members on weekly basis access to free virtual events with recently published authors and editors from Harvard Business Review! So stay tuned! We will be announcing the upcoming LIVE streams soon!



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