Morning Seminar: CSR 2.0

November 20, 2019 | ‒

On the morning of November 20, AmCham Estonia members gathered at the beautiful and cozy Telegraaf hotel to talk about corporate social responsibility. With the help of our great member, Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Estonia, we held yet another morning series’ seminar, this time dedicated to the topic of corporate accountability and creating shared values. Lauri Peltola, the CEO and Partner of King Street PR Finland gave a great presentation on how companies can commercialize CSR even though it is a rather difficult goal. Already starting from 2011, companies started talking about the importance of not only earning money for the shareholders but also to go beyond that and start thinking about the deeper purpose of the company.

The basic CSR strategy should start from communicating with the stakeholders, clients, NGOs and society overall. To go further and take the strategy to 2.0, it is important to set the list of priorities, set key performance indicators, and keep track of actions and executions in order to report and improve the strategy for achieving goals.

A huge thank you to Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Estonia for sponsoring this event and for bringing a great speaker to share the best  CSR practices and examples with our members! And of course a huge thank you to all our members for joining us this morning!

Event photos by Sergei Krasii, FotkiAgency for AmCham Estonia ©