AmCham Sustainability Workshop

May 19, 2022 | 09:30 ‒ 11:00

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On May 19, AmCham Estonia in cooperation with the COBALT law firm held the 1st Sustainability Workshop devoted to the topic “Demystifying the ESG”

The workshop was be led by the Mervet Kägu, the Head of ESG for COBALT Law Firm. Mervet gave the introduction to the ESG concept, its importance for companies going forward, as well as engaged 2 other speakers from PERH and ROCHE  in the discussion showcasing their best practices and experiences. During the workshop, the following questions have been raised and discussed:

  • What could be the most difficult part of getting started with ESG?
  • Most confusing parts about ESG and how to tackle them?
  • How ESG creates value to companies?
  • Is ESG somehow undermining or helping company’s competitiveness? Does driving the ESG agenda mean sacrificing company returns?
  • How can a company navigate ESG trade-offs (if any)?
  • and others

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