September Business After Hours at ENZO

September 15, 2016 | ‒

On September 15, over 40 AmCham members gathered at the ENZO Cafe and Restaurant that has just opened its doors under the Meriton Family Estate management 2 weeks ago!

Indrek Laul, the president of AmCham welcomed everyone and gave an overview of the upcoming events and other AmCham plans for the nearest future. The host of the event, Meriton Family Estate and the CEO of the company, Michael Burich, introduced their lattest addition to the gastronomic family – ENZO and encouraged everyone to explore this amazing place and their new menu.

As since the beginning of the year, AmCham welcomed over 20 new members, we gave an opportunity to the newest members to be more visible and introduce their companies themselves by giving a 1min “elevator pitch” to the rest of the audience. It seemed that that kind of approach was very vell received and we have to admit that our newest members did a really good job at this!

After some mingling time, Michael Burich and Daria Sivovol raffled off a gift card from ENZO – a dinner for two! Karl von Ramm was the lucky winner!

We would like to thank everyone for coming out for this event! The atmoshpehre was wonderful and we truly thank ENZO Cafe and Restaurant and their team for hosting the event and giving us a chance to enjoy delicious drinks and snacks!