Google: Remote Work and Efficient Operation in the ‘New Normal’

May 13, 2020 | ‒

On May 13 we held a hands-on webinar in cooperation with our Charter Gold Member and 2020 Premium Partner GOOGLE. The webinar was also attended by members of AmCham Latvia and AmCham Lithuania which made it already a 3rd pan-Baltic webinar over the past 1,5 months.

Since COVID-19 has pushed a lot of companies to work remotely and for many teams, this is not merely a change in the location of employees. This “new normal” presents completely new challenges to an organization’s agility and management culture and puts pressure on internal processes.

During the session, the Google team experts focused on remote work and efficient operation in the work-from-home environment. They shared a few remote team management best practices and also a few ideas that can help a team to be more productive while working from home.
The session continued with a practical live demo by Domas Vyšniauskas, the Certified Trainer at Google, and an interactive Q&A session.
A huge thank you to GOOGLE for hosting this training for our members and of course, we would like to thank all our members and members of AmCham Latvia and Lithuania for joining!