Webinar: Leadership in Turbulent Times

March 26, 2020 | ‒

On March 26, AmCham Latvia hosted the very first pan-Baltic Webinar on the topic of leadership in turbulent times. The presentation on the topic was made by a member of AmCham Latvia, Teamlead and their team members Elena Zlygosteva, and Artur Chernikau.

Elena and Artur gave us all a food for thought regarding true leadership which often requires a deeper understanding of one’s purpose. Once a person understands his or her own purpose, it is possible to move onward to the business level and build a social network within the community based on the value of the company  – something that goes beyond the company’s wellbeing. The leadership focus can be different –  transformation and performance, customer outcomes, collaboration and co-creation, collective intuitive intelligence, or hyper-agile empowered teams. It all comes down to the need of leading yourself first – knowing and leading yourself is a prerequisite to leading others!

Thank you, Elena and Artur, for the amazing presentation! A huge thank you to AmCham Latvia for offering us the opportunity to join the Webinar! And of course, we would like to thank our members for joining!

Until next time!