Women in Leadership Luncheon: Road to the Top

February 15, 2018 | ‒

You only have one life, this is the real thing, not a demo version – with these words Eva K. Ponomarev opened this year’s first event in the series “Women in Leadership”, devoted to the  importance of passion and mentors in pursuing your dream.

On February 15 we gathered at the Nordic Hotel Forum to meet  with the two exceptional speakers and real leaders – Annika Arras, the founder and Managing Director of Miltton Nordics, one of the most experienced  political  and  marketing communication experts in Europe thanks to her over a decade lasting experience as the Campaign Director of the Estonian Reform Party where she managed to win three national elections in a row, and Eva K. Ponomarev – an entrepreneur, a marketeer and a big believer in leadership diversity, especially advocating for women of all ages, the founder of the Superheroes. The event was moderated by our one and only vice-president, director of the International School of Estonia, Kathleen Naglee.

Our speakers touched  the most crucial topics, so often preventing women from advancing their career – such as lack of self confidence, perfectionism and fear of change and many more, to sum up this truly inspirational discussion, we would like to bring out several points:

  1.  Identify what is “the top” for you – once you do what you really love you get to the top of your potential.
  2. Burn bridges and stop doubting yourself, give out the promises you cannot take back, don’t look back to question your choices.
  3. Don’t be afraid of failures – this is what makes you an inventor, we all need our lessons learned.
  4. Ask for mentorship and support, don’t wait it to be offered to you. A good mentor can help you set your priorities, encourage but also give critical feedback.

As our guest of honor, DCM Elizabeth Horst said – it is very important to learn to ask and voice your questions – it is the first step to get them answered and start your road to the top.

We would like to thank Nordic Hotel Forum and their team for being wonderful hosts! A very special thank you goes to our dear member Kriss Eglite  and her company New Vintage by Kriss for providing fantastic and meaningful gifts for our speakers! And of course, to all the participants for joining us for this inspirational event! We truly hope we can continue our fruitful discussion and exchange of ideas in our newly-opened AmCham WIL group in Facebook – you are most welcome to join!

 Photos by Sergei Krasii, Fotki Inc. for AmCham Estonia. The full photo album is available in our gallery HERE..

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