September 20, 2019 | 12:00 ‒ 14:00

On September 20, we gathered at the newly renovated VABAMU museum to hold the second Women in Leadership event of the year, this time the theme was “Building Connections”!

We were thrilled to see yet another full house, and this time, we have to admit, we didn’t even have a chance to actually officially announce the event to the public when it was already sold out!! Wow!

And the cast of the amazing speakers, of course, explains it all! Kristel, Kristi, Elina, and Carola shared their personal stories and when getting to meet those amazing ladies, everyone could relate – they are passionate, ambitious, brave yet humble at times. They all have outstanding leadership skills, have gone through some failures but had the strength to get up and move forward! The discussion was so artfully moderated by our irreplaceable Megan Riley from MLR Strategies!

This was such an inspiring afternoon!! Thank you, our dear speakers, for opening up and being so genuine and personal with the audience!

We would like to thank all our guests and the Diamanten delegation from Finland for joining us for this event!

A huge thank you to the amazing Premium Partners, Coca Cola Baltic States, and Archibus Hosting Services & Solutions for your support – it would have been impossible without you!

And a special thank you goes to Kriss Eglite andNVbyK for sponsoring special gifts to our external speakers!!!

Until next time!!

Event photos by Sergei Krasii, FotkiAgency