Women in Leadership: The Hardest Obstacle I had to Overcome

March 6, 2019 | ‒

On March 6, AmCham members and members of our WIL group, as well as other interested participants, gathered at the beautiful Nordic Hotel Forum to celebrate the upcoming International Women’s Day and talk about one of the hottest topics  (the one that we actually also had to face with our pre-election debate) of this spring – women in politics!

What are the biggest obstacles that women have to face when entering politics? Is there any difference for women to be in business rather than in the public sector?! And based on the personal stories of our speakers, Marina Kaljuran and Kristina Kallas, as well as the panel discussion moderator, Annika Arras –  there actually is!

When in politics, people, and especially women, have to be more open about their private lives. They have to embrace the fact that they most probably are going to be judged as mothers and wives. You have to grow yourself really thick skin in order to deal with the pressure and often negativity from the public. On the other hand, trust and support from the public keep you going and if you are doing the right thing –  you just have to continue doing that no matter what!

A  huge thank you for our amazing speakers –  Marina Kaljurand and Kristina Kallas!  Your genuine and charismatic personalities really filled out the room and we were truly happy to meet both of you in person! Thank you, Annika Arras, for keeping the discussion going and for bringing our that personal touch from our panelists!

Thank you ARCHIBUS for supporting this event and a huge thank you to Kaia Kirs for sharing her personal story with the audience.

And of course a huge thank you to Nordic Hotel Forum for being such a great and trustful host again. And for last but not least, thank you, dear ladies and gentlemen, for joining us this time!

Until next WIL!

Event photos by Sergei Krasii

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